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Part of the collection: White ceramics from Szczecin

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Glazed plates, next to bowls, belong to the Pomeranian flat vessels, which were covered with lead-tin glaze only on the face. White ceramics was known in Southern Europe already in the 14th century. Manufacturers modelled it on products from the East - Persia and Syria. In the 16th-17th centuries, the skill of producing faience pottery spread in Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany. The maiolica and semi-maiolica ceramics reached the southern coast of the Baltic Sea through harbours in Szczecin and Gdańsk, as well as through numerous groups of newcomers from Friesland and the Netherlands in West Pomerania. The settlers brought with them ceramic products, and they also stuck to their aesthetic tastes, which, combined with local forms and patterns, created a type of vessel characteristic for West Pomerania - Stettiner Ware. Floral motifs predominated in the decoration, geometric ornaments were often used, zoomorphic patterns (birds, deer) were much less common, and only occasionally people were depicted. Architectural motifs painted according to a single pattern already established in the 1740s were typical for Stettiner Ware. It was a building, possibly the town hall, which always consisted of three parts. The central and the tallest one was crowned with a weathervane. This urban composition was complemented by plant ornaments, often in the form of stylised trees. The wide spout was also decorated with floral motifs consisting of tiny flowers and plant tendrils arranged in various configurations, usually alternately. Architectural paintings are exceptional motifs in folk ornamentation, while on Pomeranian vessels glazed with lead and tin glaze, they were common, especially in the 18th century.

Iwona Karwowska

Information about the object

Information about this object

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cały obiekt: height: 6,2 cm

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1751 — 1800

Creation / finding place

powstanie: Wyspa Uznam, Meklemburgia- Pomorze Przednie, Niemcy


Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie

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object is not displayed now

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