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Photograph of the Grossmans and Ewa Koralowa

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The cabinet photo showing Ewelina nee Cohn Grossman and her children Kazimierz Alfred (1882-after 1938) and Stefania (1879-1971) and Ewa nee Wolfson Koralowa (dates of life unknown), who lived in Częstochowa at that time. The third daughter of the Grossmans, Helena (1888-1963; see MHŻP-B793/71), is missing from the photo. The photograph was taken in the German resort of Colberg (as indicated by the atelier's cardboard box), i.e. Kołobrzeg, in a staging convention typical of the period (here: a boat trip), which, as can be seen in the photograph, Stefania of the Grossmans treats jokingly. The photograph's corners are slightly rounded (or worn out); in the middle of the top edge, there is a trace of a pin with which the photograph was pinned. | Ewelina née Cohn Grossman (1857-1930) was Miranda Wolfson's sister (?-1909), and Ewa Koralowa was Miranda Wolfson's daughter (see especially notes to MPOLIN-A25.1.1 and three other photos in the collection; regarding Ewelina née Cohn Grossman and Stefania née Grossman, married name Maybaum/Marzyńska - see notes to other photos after this one). | Kazimierz Grossman (Grosman), a teenager in this photo, later studied at the University of Warsaw. Arrested for participating in the riots at the university in 1904, after his release, he continued studies at the Sorbonne in Paris for a year. He returned to Częstochowa; he was a member of the Polish Socialist Party; he supported Częstochowa's Jewish institutions: the Hospital of the Benevolent Society for Jews, the School of Crafts for Jews, which was a branch of the Talmud-Torah. In 1906 he took part in an expedition to Spitsbergen. From 1914, he lived in Warsaw. He was a member of the Civic Committee of the Capital City of Warsaw. In 1937 he changed his religion to Evangelical-Augsburg. He married twice: in 1911 to Irena Zofia née Kraushar and twenty years later to Wacława née Ansilewska. | (Information about the Grossmans collected based on entries in: Żydzi częstochowscy. Słownik biograficzny” [Jews of Częstochowa. Biographical Dictionary], ed. J. Sętowski, Częstochowa 2020, see especially, accessed on 12.07.2021).

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Information about this object

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Photographie Carl Spitz (Kołobrzeg; act. ca 1895)


cały obiekt: height: 9 cm, width: 15 cm

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c. 1895

Creation / finding place

powstanie: Kołobrzeg (Poland)


POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

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