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Calsale, Insegna, Focolare | Sandals, Banner, Firepit

Part of the collection: Italian graphics

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Lorenzo Roccheggiani's reproductive engraving depicts the products of ancient crafts and a military attribute, featuring three types of footwear, a banner and a vessel used as a hearth. To the left, on the platform, we see a Greek sandal, based on an antique found in pieces and preserved in the Vatican Museum; meanwhile, in the middle of the panel, there is an Etruscan sandal, based on a relief found in the Medici Gardens and deposited in Florence; and to the right, a shoe of the Roman Emperor Trajan, decorated with lion skin and floral tendrils, depicted following the relief on the Arch of Constantine. Leaning against the platform is the Roman banner (Latin signum - sign) of Pompey the Great's 3rd praetorian cohort based on a monument in the Palazzo Albani. In front of the platform, you can also see a circular Greek metal vessel, supported by busts of winged sphinxes, serving as a hearth in line with a reference from the collection of the Museo Nicolai Gualtieri. The featured board 46 has come from the album Raccolta di 100 tavole reppresentanti i costumi religiosi, civili a militari degli antichi..., published in Rome in 1804, comprising of one hundred boards presenting religious, secular and military costumes and ancient objects from the area of Egypt, Etruria, Greece and Rome. The illustrator of the album, Lorenzo Roccheggiani, worked as an engraver and illustrator between 1804 and 1817. He was the author of several series of engravings published in Rome and Milan, dedicated to ancient monuments, costumes, furniture and ornamental motifs. Ewa Gwiazdowska

Signatures and inscriptions:

  1. Seal (mark): M.P.Z. | SZCZECIN | Dział... | Nr 1565
  2. Seal (mark): Muzeum Pomorza Zachodniego w Szczecinie Biblioteka
  3. Inscription: T. XXXXVI.
  4. Inscription: 1. Calsale Romano Imperiale, che si vede calzato Trojano nel’Arco di Constantino. 2 Calsale Etrusco cavato da un Basso-Rilievo, che si vedeva nelli orti Medici, ora in | Firenze. 3 Calsale Greco cavato da un Frammento, che si vede nel Museo Vaticano. 4 Insegna militare Romana di M: Pompejo. era Console Augure, e Censore nel tempo | stesso, si vede nel Palazzo Albani. 5 Focolare Greco di metallo una volta nel famoso Museo Gualtieri, ora in Francia.
  5. Inscription: Roccheggiani Fecit.

Information about the object

Information about this object

Author / creator

draftsman, engraver: Roccheggiani, Lorenzo (czynny 1804-1817)
publisher, seller: Raffaelli, Giacomo (1753–1836)

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etching (print)




ribbed laid paper

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powstanie: Rzym


Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie

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