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Castle in Kazimierz

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Wojciech Gerson tied his professional life in Warsaw, where he conducted extensive scientific, cultural and pedagogical activities. He began studying architecture and painting at the local School of Fine Arts. In 1867, he opened a private studio for students, and from 1871 he managed the famous Drawing Class, in which several generations of students received artistic education - including J. Chełmoński, J. Pankiewicz and L. Wyczółkowski. In the years 1849–1853 he co-founded the so-called Marcin Olszyński's group, referred to as the first Warsaw bohemia, bringing together students of the School of Fine Arts. Artists from the circle of Olszyński - a patron of art and photographer, were guided by patriotic ideas related to the desire to renew Polish painting, implemented during artistic activities during trips around the country and wandering around Warsaw. Already during his studies, Gerson and his friends set off on "water-foot journeys", documenting the journey in dozens of sketches in pencil or watercolours. By analysing the drawings, usually precisely described and dated by the artist, one can trace the route of his journey. The artist visited the Lublin region twice; the discussed view comes from the second trip made in 1853 in the company of M. Olszyński, J. Cegliński and J. Majewski. It led from Warsaw through Przytoczno and Łysobyki to Lubartów, Zawieprzyce and Lublin, and then to Puławy, Bochotnica, Kazimierz and Janowiec. Gerson was one of the first artists who were attracted to Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula by the beauty of the local open-air locations and the variety of painting motifs. The artist appreciated them despite the modest conditions that the town could offer him at that time. Describing Kazimierz in a series of articles devoted to Powiśle published in "Tygodnik Powszechny" (1885), he noted: "with all this, there is no proper tavern where you can put your members in a weary rest, but as it does not change during the journey, a little straw on a rotten bed must suffice for the first moment at least". Regardless of the inconvenience, he made several views here, including a watercolor based on direct observation of nature depicting a ruined castle captured from the Hill of Three Crosses.

Anna Hałata

Information about the object

Information about this object

Author / creator

Gerson, Wojciech (1831-1901) (painter)


cały obiekt: height: 28,8 cm, width: 22,6 cm

Object type



painting technique


cardboard, aquarel

Creation time / dating


Creation / finding place

powstanie: Kazimierz Dolny (Lublin Province, Puławy County, Kazimierz Dolny Commune)


The National Museum in Lublin

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Location / status

object is not displayed now

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