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Le village au moulin a eau (Die Mühle rechts am Wasser) | Village with a mill by the water (The mill on the right by the water, Village by the water mill)

Part of the collection: Dutch and Flemish graphics

Popularization note

The subject of the landscape is an old country mill located on the edge of a Dutch countryside. A tall chimney rises above the wooden, one-story building with a high, steep thatched roof. Windows in the roof illuminate the attic rooms, with a dovecote in the top part. Nearby, perches protrude from the windows for resting birds, a flock of which hovers above the buildings. Anthonie Waterloo (1609-1690) showed the mill from the side of the wheel, onto which water flowed through a trough being cleaned by the miller. A group of hikers is resting near the mill wall. A woman with luggage on her back is sitting, and in front of her are a man leaning on a cane and a woman with a basket. In the distance you can see an inn with a passenger car passing by, and on the horizon the silhouette of a church with a tower without a cupola. The engraving was published in a series of twelve landscapes typical of Waterloo – views of forests, streams, rivers, hills, rocks, various rural buildings and old defensive buildings, which the artist often enriched with small, meaningful staffage. The complete gallery was acquired by the Szczecin collector, Heinrich Stolting (1814–1884), after 1865 from the Berlin court painter Maximilian A. Mützell (active around 1840–1888). They later became part of the collection that formed the basis of the graphic collections of the Museum der Stadt Stettin (1913-1945). In 1945, they all disappeared under unknown circumstances, and in 2004 ten prints from this collection appeared on the art market in the Warsaw antique shop Lamus. The National Museum in Szczecin has purchased the entire available collection as part of its ongoing efforts to reconstruct Szczecin's former collections. Ewa Gwiazdowska

Signatures and inscriptions:

  1. Inscription: 4
  2. Seal (mark);inscription: Museum Stettin
  3. Inscription: B. 10 / - 20 -
  4. Inscription: B.N=10.Epreuve toute premiere | p. ex. avant la retouche au burin sur les troij figures. | Mützell

Information about the object

Information about this object

Author / creator

Waterloo, Antonie (1609-1690)

Object type

etching (print)


etching, copper engraving


ribber paper

Origin / acquisition method


Creation time / dating

between 1626 — 1700

Creation / finding place

powstanie: Holandia (Europa)


Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie

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Location / status

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