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Part of the collection: The Toilet Set of Queen Maria Kazimiera

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A mirror belonging to the toilet set of Queen Maria Kazimiera purchased by Stanisław Kostka Potocki on February 27th, 1808 in the Parisian store of De Tournier. It was a gift for his wife Aleksandra, née Lubomirski, in order to enrich the exhibition of the royal apartments of the Wilanów Palace. It has the shape of a rectangle, with slightly wavy sides, topped with an arch. When set standing, it rests on a hinged support. Its spacing is limited by a ribbon. The mirror is set in a decorative marquetted frame. The tortoiseshell background of the frame is inlaid with brass putti hunting birds among the scattered clouds. The motifs decorating the brass strips of the mirror frame are well known from picture frames or plafond bordures used in the last quarter of the 17th century, designed by the decorators of Louis XIV.

The cartouche placed on top of the frame plays an important role in determining the owner of the vanity. It contains two oval engraved medallions with schematically decorated rims. One bears an eagle under a crown, the other bears the coat of arms of the d'Arquien family. The drawing of an eagle with a crown symbolizes the Republic of Poland, while the three deer on the shield are the family symbol of Maria Casimire, the Queen of Poland. The simplified drawing of coats of arms has been raising doubts among historians for many years. Was it made at the ame time as the mirror? Is it related to the moment of dedicating the toilet set to the queen of Poland?

The item, same as the caskets from this set, is classified as a curiosité due to the elaborate and valuable decoration with Boulle-style marquetry, qualifying it as a luxury item worthy of royal apartments. For the count, as a patriot, the history of the entire toilet set related to the person of the Polish queen, Marie Casimire, was a unique asset.


Information about the object

Information about this object

Author / creator



cały obiekt: height: 72,5 cm, width: 57,0 cm

Object type

mebel szkieletowy, lustro


boulle marquetry, gilding, rosewood veneer


oakwood; rosewood; tortoiseshell; bonze; brass; nacre;

Creation time / dating

before 1734

Creation / finding place

powstanie: France


Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów

Identification number


Location / status

object on display Queen's Bedroom

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