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There are no wrong answers in the world of associations. One word can trigger a whole series of thoughts. It all depends, for example, on what we do every day, what we like to do and what was on our minds a moment ago. And since people are very different from one another, the answers can be astonishing at times. Let's look at the associations with the word "light".

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And All Clear!

Dictionary of terms:

Baroque – the main trend in European culture, which lasted from the end of the 16th century to the 18th century. In art, it was characterized by splendor, decorativeness and contrasts. Baroque distinguished itself in all areas of art: architecture, literature, theater, art and music.

Judaism – religion professed by Jews; Judaism is belief in one God. The most important book for the followers of Judaism is the Torah.

Netherlands – The historic name of the North Sea area, which includes what is today Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Enlightenment – the era in the history of European culture that followed the Baroque. Its main distinguishing feature was getting to know the world with the help of reason. The Enlightenment falls on the 18th century, and France is considered its birthplace.

Antiquity – a period in history covering the history from the emergence of the first civilizations to around the 5th century AD This term is used for areas of the Middle East, Europe and North Africa where great civilizations developed in antiquity, including Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman. The term "antiquity" is sometimes used interchangeably for Greece and Rome.

Stereotype – a simplified judgment or opinion of an evaluative nature about a social group or its members, which is based on one element, e.g. gender, age, religion, nationality or psychosexual orientation. Stereotype ascribes to a given group or its members certain generalized features, while blurring the real and individual differences between people. Stereotypes are often adopted without reflection, and the people repeating them do not bother to get to know a given social group or person better and verify the stereotype on their own. The resulting assessments are often prejudicial. A stereotype is the opinion that a woman cannot be a soldier (gender stereotype) or that every German values ​​order (a stereotype based on nationality).

Jews – followers of the religion known as Judaism; for centuries they settled in many places around the world, incl. in Poland. In 1948, the state of Israel was established, in which many Jews live.

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