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Hidden Meanings

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Treść ścieżki edukacyjnej

Take a journey into the world of art, where nothing is as it seems at first glance. Look carefully at the objects and then start your own investigation. What is the object used for? Who or what does it represent? What is it made of? Do not ignore every little detail, because everything can have a meaning. It will be discovered by someone with a detective’s mind. So, what are your ideas?

Created by:

Renata Pernak



Hidden Meanings

Dictionary of terms:

Allegory – in art or literature it is the expression, not in a literal way, of certain hidden meanings the main difference between allegory and symbol is that allegory has a single meaning.

Self-portrait – a portrait of the artist taken by himself.

Christianity – a religion based on belief in one God; the most important book for Christians is the Bible. 

Judaism – the religion followed by Jews; Judaism is the belief in one God. The most important book for the followers of Judaism is the Torah. 

Mythology – a collection of stories about gods and heroes who possessed superhuman powers.

Proverb – a short sentence that can originate either from literature or be passed as the word of mouth from generation to generation. It usually expresses a general truth or, for example, a hint or warning. 

Symbol – in art or literature it is the expression, not in a literal way, of certain hidden meanings; the main difference between symbol and allegory is that symbol can have many different meanings.

Jews – followers of the religion known as Judaism; for centuries they settled in many places around the world, including Poland. In 1948, the state of Israel was established, where many Jews live.

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